Valuation Services

Ram Wadsworth Associates provides businesses and people with a full range of valuation services, including accurate and reliable assessments of their assets and financial instruments.

Business Valuation: Our expert team carefully looks at a business’s financial success, industry trends, and market conditions, among other things, to figure out what its fair market value is. This valuation is useful for deals, relationships, planning for the next generation, and settling disputes.

Real Estate Valuation: We do professional assessments of real estate by looking at market conditions, property features, and similar sales to figure out what the fair market value is. Our valuations are used when people buy or sell property, get a mortgage, figure out how much their property taxes will be, and make investment choices.

Financial Instrument Valuation: As part of our services, we can figure out how much stocks, bonds, options, and other financial assets are worth. We use methods that are common in the industry to figure out the fair value of these instruments. This helps with investment choices, financial reporting, and following the rules.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Valuation: We help our clients figure out the right price to pay for a business when they want to buy it or join with another company. During the M&A process, our expertise makes sure that valuations are correct and fair.

Plant & Machinery Valuation: We help businesses figure out how much their plant and tools are worth so they can finance, insure, account for, or sell them.With the valuation services of Ram Wadne Associates, businesses and individuals can make smart choices based on accurate and thorough assessments. Our experienced team uses best practices in the industry and thorough research to come up with accurate valuations for a wide range of assets and financial instruments.

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